Charlie Womble & Jackie McGee
Grand National Shag Dance Champions & U.S. Open Swing Dance Champions

The Master Dance Floor has a consistant, quality surface and stays together! It is number one with us!
- Charlie & Jackie

I love the silky surface of the Master Dance Floor. It is great for sliding and spinning especially since the heels of my shoes don't get caught on any metal strips, and it is also gentle on the body, which allows for many, many more hours of enjoyable dancing.
- Mary Ann Nunez

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"By far, Master Dance Floor is the best floor I've ever danced on."
Sam West,

The Master Dance Floor is a unique, custom modular dance floor that comes in 4' movable panels that allows unlimited size possibilities, with fast, easy assembly for your rental needs.

In need of a portable or permanent dance floor for your home, studio, convention center, hotel or country club? R&C is your authorized Southeast distributor for the patented American Dreams Dance Floor.

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